What is it like to be a doula?

The thing about doula training is that it’s hands on.  You get to see birth happen and to understand that every woman, every birth is different.

Offering doula services is something that a woman does, not because she has strong feelings about birth but because she has the strength to offer and support another woman.

It’s not about being in charge, it’s about being present.

It’s never about how a birth should go but about how a birth could go.

A doula assisted birth is always unique and a doula’s job is simply to be observant and supportive, to encourage and understand.

Doula care is personal, productive and friendly - a doula is not a professional but she is experienced and her biggest skill is knowing when to step in and out of the birthing process so that birth can happen as naturally as possible.

So, what is it like to be a doula?  Tiring, demanding, powerful, intense, rewarding, informative and always, always inspiring.

written by Kim Craig, Sussex Doula   www.sussexdoulas.org

Posted 100 weeks ago